The Interdisciplinary Group of Studies and Research on Transnational Capitals, State, Ruling Classes and Conflict in Latin America and the Caribbean (GIEPTALC) addresses from an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective the study of the dialectical relationship between the economic and social structure and the political instances of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The general objective of GIEPTALC is to identify, analyze and explain the processes of economic transnationalization in the region, examining in detail the implications of this configuration both in the economic and social plan and in the game of interests and public and internal and external decision-making.

The debate and the elaboration of knowledge about problems related to Latin American and Caribbean countries constitutes the center of interest of the group that recognizes the predominant factor in the structural configuration and dynamics of the global economy in the predominance of large transnational capital. Likewise, the theoretical and methodological concerns about the study of this phenomenon are relevant, as well as its connection with cultural impact, social struggles, environmental conflicts, conditions of dependence and the relative weight of potentials.

Another thematic area of ​​prominence is related to the reconfigurations of the state institutions of each of the countries, manifesting itself in the succession of different patterns of capital reproduction, repositioning of different fractions of the dominant classes and the limitations to the development of the Latin American productive structure .