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Last chapter of «Latin American Encounters» 2020

https://youtu.be/pashhZZydUg }From Paraguay, the researcher from BASE Investigaciones Sociales, Marielle Palau ; from Argentina, the Sociologist and Professor of the UBA Pablo Bonavena , and from Brazil the Doctor in History and Professor of the UNILA, Fernando Romero Wimer , invite us to think and debate the social realities, and the political and economic news of these three countries countries that share many more things than borders. With the leadership of Nacho Urruspuru .


We are very pleased to invite you to the talk entitled "ALCANCES DE LA REESTRUCTURACIÓN DE LA DEUDA EXTERNA ARGENTINA" given by DR. FRANCISCO CANTAMUTTO from the National University of the South (UNS) / IIESS-CONICET (Argentina). Moderated by Prof. Dr. Fernando Romero Wimer [GIEPTALC-UNILA] /CEISO) 🕔 Thursday 09/03/2020 at 5 pm 📌 Registration SIGeventos UNILA https://sig.unila.edu.br/eventos/public/evento/%22RDEA2020 📌 Transmitted by the GIEPTALC YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCClrdS9cDtBhJQ_vMDJkokw

Pablo BECHER (GIEPTALC collaborator): e-work in the educational environment

25 July 2020 10:33 - In his column "Buenos tiempos" (a positive look at the daily confinement), the researcher and professor Pablo Becher invites us to reflect on the modality that teleworking acquires in the field of education. In addition, he analyzes the results of the research carried out by the Unified Union of Education Workers of Buenos Aires (Suteba) BahĂ­a Blanca, Argentina; he reflects on the debate on how to enter the middle schools dependent on the National University of the South, and gives us a screenshot of the teaching that comes in the Post-Pandemic With virtuality, teaching work has increased in intensity, time and demand "El despertar de la calle" Saturday 10:00 to 12:00 Pablo Ariel BecherHuman Sciences/ Sociology.Social movements in recent history, labor conflict, and the sociology of work.Bachelor of History, UNS, Argentina.Master in Sociology and Professor, UNS, Argentina.Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), Argentina/ Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones CientĂ­ficas y TĂ©cnicas (CONICET), Argentina/ Colectivo de Estudios e Investigaciones Sociales (CEISO) http://gieptalc.org/en/about-us/members/

“Radiography of domestic employment in BahĂ­a Blanca” (Part I) Article by Pablo BECHER (researcher at CEISO and collaborator of GIEPTALC)

Domestic service constitutes in Argentina, as in other countries in the region, one of the main urban female occupations.This study tries to provide an overview of the situation of domestic workers in the city of BahĂ­a Blanca, to try to understand their working conditions, their perception of employment and the social relations that are woven around it. On the other hand, compliance with certain labor rights and the forms of union organization found in the city are examined.Continue reading at: Radiography of domestic employment in BahĂ­a Blanca (Part 1) | Pablo BECHER Photo: With a double trade immersed in the domestic landscape, a housewife performs hairdressing work. By Horacio Culaciatti