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Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Studies No. 20

Bahía Blanca [Argentina] / Publicación semestral ISSN Edición impresa 1853-1679 ISSN Edición en linea 2469-1860 DOSSIER: China Latin America relations (more…)

INTERVIEW: Fernando ROMERO WIMER “China shows leadership with international cooperation during a pandemic”

SAO PAULO, Jul 14 (Xinhua) - China has shown its leadership in international cooperation as a long-term policy with the support of medical supplies to other countries, such as Brazil, in the pandemic of new coronavirus, said Fernando Romero Wimer, professor of International Relations, of the Brazilian Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA). Specializing in relations between China and South America, Romero Wimer highlighted the "long-term" vision of Beijing to establish lasting economic relations and cooperation with countries that are in the global focus of the disease of the new coronavirus (COVID -19). "China's cooperation policy is a great differential against nations that do not bet on cooperation. China has shown its interest in international prestige with the provision of medical supplies, in which international solidarity comes first "said Fernando Romero Wimer during an interview with Xinhua.Full article at:http://spanish.xinhuanet.com/2020-07/15/c_139212788.htm