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Colombia: violence and pandemic

May 23, 2020. Colombia among the cobwebs of violence. Latin America in times of pandemic (3). The social and environmental situation. The economic scenario. The murder of social, environmental and human rights leaders. Political tensions and the attempt to rescue large capitals. Foreign policy, alignment with the United States, and peace negotiations. Tensions with Cuba and Venezuela. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys1InNcvhi4

War and the new coronavirus: from metaphor to the deepening of authoritarian society | MARCHA

An exercise in reflections that emerged in the heat of the global pandemic. The author [Fernando ROMERO WIMER] presents the different political positions since the Covid's19 crisis and asks about possible humanitarian solutions amid the dominant discourse of "war" and "invisible enemy".MARCHA NOTICIAS https://www.marcha.org.ar/la-guerra-y-el-nuevo-coronavirus-de-la-metafora-la-profundizacion-de-la-sociedad-autoritaria/# By Fernando Gabriel ROMERO WIMER from MARCHA NOTICIAS