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57° Congresso Internacional de Americanistas | ICA 2021

57th International Congress of Americanists (Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil), between July 19 and 23, 2021. Data-limit for abstract submission:September 30, 2020 We invite to the WG:IMPERIALISM AND DEPENDENCE IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN Coordinated byPaula Fernández Hellmund  - UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DA INTEGRAÇÃO LATINO-AMERICANA - UNILA(fernandezpaula81@gmail.com) e Mariano Millán  - UNIVERSIDAD DE BUENOS AIRES - UBA  (marianomillan82@gmail.com) Imperialism is a specific phase in the development of capitalism on a planetary scale. After the evolution of the decolonization processes of the 20th century, this phenomenon was accompanied by a generalization of dependence as an essential form of national subordination. Dependence must not only be understood as the external subordination that countries maintain to imperialism, but also specific internal relations of exploitation. Thus, both imperialism and dependence are problems in which political and military actions are intertwined with the convergence of economic interests and patterns of cultural domination. The objective of this working group is to examine dialectically the relationship between different dimensions of social reality, considering: the particularities of capital investments; the policy of military intervention and assistance, trade, use of cooperation and development agencies and policies and the set of political interests in the domestic sphere of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The period under analysis varies from the beginning of the last century - inaugurated with the American triumph in the Spanish-American War and the occupation of the former Spanish colonies in the Caribbean - to the present day. https://www.facebook.com/284282725822085/posts/561037041479984/ https://ica2021.unicentro.br/en/presentation/


Professor Paula Fernández from the International Relations and Integration course invites interested students to participate in the project: “Foreign Capital, Extraction and Social Conflict in Central America and the Caribbean” to develop the following work plans: • Foreign capital, extractivism and social conflict in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala (2002-2019) • Foreign capital, extractivism and social conflict in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua (2002-2019). Interested parties should send CV, IRA and letter of interest indicating one of the work proposals to the following email: paula.fernandez@unila.edu.br It will be accepted to send the documentation until the 9th of June. Interviews: June 11 (time to be determined)