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The registration period is from October 1st to 25th; all selection phases will be virtually and can be carried out in Portuguese, Spanish, or English.

The Master’s degree in International Relations offers 20 vacancies for regular students – with admission for 2021 -distributed in three lines of research: Studies for Peace, Human Rights and International Security; Development and Transnational Capitals; And Foreign Policy, Actors and International Processes. The selection process is intended for candidates who have completed graduation in any area of knowledge. The registration period is between the 1st and 25th of October. It is worth mentioning that all phases of the selection will be through virtual means and can be held in Portuguese, Spanish, or English. Registration and the course are free of charge.

In the distribution of vacancies, preferably, 50% are destined to Brazilian candidates; and the other half of the vacancies are destined to candidates of other nationalities, preferably from the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, except Brazil. In case of non-completion, vacancies can be relocated. Of the total number of vacancies offered, four will be allocated to reserve vacancies for black candidates (black and brown); a place for refugees and humanitarian visa holders; and a vacancy for indigenous villagers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador or Peru.

Registration must be made only electronically, through the Integrated Management System of Academic Activities (SIGAA), which can be accessed at this link. According to the notice, the candidate must attach documents such as the registration form and research project, and this should be sent without identification of the author since the evaluation will be in the blind evaluation system.

The selection process consists of three phases: the first is the analysis of the research project; the second will be a virtual written proof; and finally, there will be an online interview and curriculum evaluation. The online written exam will be on November 19, and the interview takes place between 9 and 11 December. The final result will be released on December 18.

  • Check here the notice (with versions in Portuguese, Spanish and English) and attachments.
  • In case of questions about the selection process, please contact us by e-mail:

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